Mobile Application


Do you wish to keep pace with the rapidly growing mobile technology trend? Do you wish to “Go Mobile” to expand your business? Being the mobile app development company,Bitplex solution offers custom mobile apps development services for Android, iPhone.

Using the latest in mobile development practices, we can build your mobile web presence so it will fulfill and cater your needs to create powerful apps from excellent idea.

Part of our professional service is regular and timely communication with our clients to ensure that we are both on the right track of the development as well as to keep them well-informed about the progress of the development.

We offer the best services that would be unmatchable and very specific when it comes to software development. In simple words, it is the development of software product to simplify your business and increase productivity. Software can be developed for a variety of purpose, to meet client’s specific needs, to meet some set of potential users needs, or for personal use.

IOS Application Development

We will help you to develop and design mobile application for iPhone and iPad by using its ultimate iPhone app development tool.Bitplex Solution with the help of its professional designer who have exceptionally good knowledge of iPhone app development which runs smoothly on iOS operating system are available to design mobile application for you so that you can enter into iOS also.

Android Application Development

Android app development helps you to take your business on mobile devices and due to which you are able to take your business to astonishing heights.Bitplex Solution have some of the best android app developer which will help you to develop mobile applications for your business and will always be there to help you in all aspects regarding your mobile applications.

Windows Application Development

Mobile applications for windows phones have to be made in accordance to its operating system.Bitplex Solution is here to design mobile applications which can run efficiently on windows phone by using extra ordinary windows application development tools. We design applications which run effortlessly on windows phones.

Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid applications combine the best of both worlds, web and native applications. Going Hybrid reduces the cost of development, provides easy access to device data as well as works offline and scales to a variety of platforms and OS. We combine the power of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 to develop Hybrid applications with the latest frameworks.


Unique designs, intuitive experience

User experience design

For us, creativity is nothing but a way to solve old problems in new ways. That means, our designers, prototype engineers always have a way out to your problem and will enlighten you to newer ways to approach your mobile app development project. This would help you increase customer retention rate, dwell time and app downloads.

Best developers assigned on the project


A lot goes into developing a mobile app than meet our eyes. We have a team that excels at each of these levels to assure that the resulting product is as great as the team that made it. A team that many apps to its credit, this is the least amount you can expect. After all, excellence knows no boundaries.


Bugs and apps don't go hand-in-hand


A piece of software without bugs is nothing more than a figment of an over-optimistic developer; our developers not spared. A team of quality analyst assures the application is tested against numerous test modules and is in the state of a product, not experiment when delivered to you. We hate bugs more than anything.